Privacy policy
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Privacy policy

These policies govern use of website and related apps. Hereby referred as IPster. To use IPster, you must read and agree to the following policies.

Website visits website uses Google Analytics to track website visits.

App data

The data you create using IPster applications is stored on our servers (mainly in Amsterdam). This data is only shared with intended notification and message receipts which you decide while creating notifications and messages. Your data is never used for any other purpose.

Your email

The email address you use to create account on IPster is only visible to you and never shared by any other user on IPster.

Your email is used by the company to send you notifications.

Closing your account and removing your data

You can, at anytime, chose to close your account which will also remove your login and connections. To delete your previously send notifications and messages, you must first delete those one by one using the IPster app.


You may contact us anytime, and send questions to the company, at