Managing your account on IPster
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Managing your account on IPster

Managing your account on IPster

How do I register

All you need is an email and a little sense of humour to create a unique password. IPster is free to use for individuals.

Head to the main page to download IPster for your favourite platform or use on web.

How do I change my password

For security reasons IPster does not allow password change while you are logged-in. To reset password, logout first then select 'Change' on the login screen, give your email which you have used to register and select 'Reset password'; which will then send you an email with the link to set a new password.

How do I change my email

We recommend to use your personal email to register so you don't have to change it when you switch jobs. If you do need to change, logout first then select 'Change' on the login screen, then select 'Change email', give your old email, current password and new email which you wanna use in the future. If the password and old mail matches the record, your email and login will be reset to the new email instantly.

How do I delete my account

If you have created an account using the wrong email or name, you can simply update it. If you are unable to update and just want to delete - it's a good idea to recall any unwanted notifications and remove sent messages which you don't want to stay in the system. You can also choose to leave your notifications and messages and proceed to deletion; however, please note that after your account is deleted you wont be able to log back in. To delete, you can select 'Delete account' from the 'Settings' tab. This will delete your user account and all network connections. Note that before deletion, app might prompt you to logout and login again if you have not logged in for a while, this is to ensure you are the owner of an account.

Once deleted and if you change your mind, you are free and welcome to create a new account using the same or different email.

Any other questions?

Feel free to follow within the app or you can email us on anytime. If you follow within the app, you will be notified for all upcoming features; we always follow back our users so you can also send us notifications with feedback, feature requests or whatever you like.