IPster cheat sheet
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IPster cheat sheet

IPster cheat sheet

IPster is a job discovery app. We are building a network of people who can help each other discover jobs first-hand, in a simple and non-intrusive way.

To get things started, here is a small cheat sheet; we will keep updating this post as we develop further.

Build your network

You can follow people or you can invite them to follow you. The more people you have in your network, the better it gets.

Follow or invite users

Create notifications

A notification can be 'Hey there is a job opening in my company or something I know' or 'Hey, I am looking for a new job' or anything in between.

Each notification becomes a discussion topic.

Create job notifications

Create events

If you attach a date and time to a notification, it becomes an event. A push notification is sent on creation (just like the job notification) and additional push notification is sent to all attendees approximately 30min before the event start time.

Create events

Contextual conversations

No matter what type of notification you create, you can discuss without loosing sight of the context.

Contextual conversations


  • You choose whom you wanna send the notification to, public, all your followers or select few.
  • A notification can be generic job discovery, event or anything in between.
  • Recipients of the notification can choose if they wanna start 1:1 private chat with you or engage in a group discussion.
  • Discussions (private or group) are focused on the notification. So you can have multiple notifications for different jobs or events with each having its own feedback loop and contextual conversations.
  • You can recall or update your notification anytime after sending. When you recall, it will be deleted instantly for all recipients and when you update, it will be updated instantly.

And the rest you will find out. I am curious to see how people will use it.